Compilation reel

Hi, I’m phillip Wells, and this is my Visual Journalism compilation reel.

Firstly, I’d like to welcome you to my own personal newsroom. This is a place where I’m becoming increasingly self-sufficient in terms of producing and editing my own material across multiple formats.

I’m a journalism student at the University of Queensland, and over the past 6 months I’ve been focusing on the visual medium.

Indeed, photography is fast becoming a passion of mine. Last year, one of my photos was selected to be in the UQ postcards booklet, which is given to every international student, and a story about the death of my grandmother, as part of the UQ After Images Master class, has also recently been showcased by the Centre for Communication and Social Change, alongside award winning photojournalist, Barat Ali Batoor.

Because of my family’s recent loss, I’ve been spending plenty of time my hometown of Gympie as of late, and the two pieces I’ve produced really show the town’s true heart. This photographic slide show tells the story of the changing face of Gympie while it still clings to its country roots.

This next piece is my first ever self-produced visual news package, and it tells the story of Gympie’s heart of Gold film festival – a showcase of local and international short films that’s fast gaining a showiness reputation.

As you can surely tell, I still have a bit more work to do in the visual medium before I can be considered a truly multi-disciplined journalist, and what you’ve just seen is but a glimpse of my potential. My previous written and radio work includes exploring the complexities of Islam, mental health issues in the homeless population, the state of UQ’s student politics, as well as some music journalism here and there.

Once again, I’m Phillip Wells, and thanks for your time.