Jeremy Hunter celebrates film clip with new band

A busy year for Brisbane based singer-songwriter Jeremy Hunter culminated last week in the release of a film clip to promote his eponymous debut EP and first show of solo material with a band.

A founding member of 10-piece folk-orchestra Inland Sea, who announced their hiatus in late 2012 following a UK tour, Hunter teamed up with Lucas Colin, James Balthes, Beau Frith and Patrick Balfe last Saturday at Trainspotters.

Drummer Patrick Balfe, who brought the group together through mutual friends and his management work for Trainspotters, said before the show that “it’s great playing with people of such experience and ability and still all be good mates”.

The clip for Picking Up the Pieces came about as a result of Hunter’s “incredibly serendipitous” meeting of new housemate Lance Balchin; an up-and-coming filmmaker who, along with friend Levi Turner, dedicated time for free to eventually produce a clip of the band performing.

“We had this whole plot about a girl learning to play mu-sic,” said Hunter, “but the material of us playing ended up being the most compelling… Let’s just say I felt pretty bad when I had to tell all my friends that had turned up that they weren’t going to be in the clip!”

While 26-year-old Hunter had played a handful of solo shows and recorded his EP before Inland Sea’s hiatus, it’s now become his primary focus.

“(Inland Sea) always liked that big band, Arcade Fire kind of harmonic folk sound,” said Hunter. “As far as the solo stuff is concerned, I’m inspired by songwriters that have an ele-ment of catharsis in the way they express themselves, like Nick Cave, PJ Harvey and The Drones, where they’re really lyrically focussed and the delivery has a raw emotion and power behind it.”

Hunter plays next at the Spotted Cow in Toowoomba on the 5th of May, followed by the official EP launch on the 26th at Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane.